Our Profession

Our ProfessionThe College of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta is a health disciplines organization which has proudly accepted delegated provincial government authority pursuant with the Health Professions Act (HPA) to carry out its activities and govern its regulated members in a manner that:

  • protects and serves the public interest;
  • provides direction and regulates the practice of the regulated profession by its regulated members;
  • establish, maintain and enforce standards for registration and continuing competency and standards of practice of the regulated profession;
  • establish, maintain and enforce a code of ethics;
  • carry on activities of the college and;
  • approves programs of study, education courses and examinations for the purpose of registration requirements.
  • perform other duties and functions by the exercise of the powers conferred by the Health Professions Act;

We also provide leadership and direction on issues of importance to the health care system such as access to respiratory care services, quality improvement, patient safety and privacy.  This is achieved through leadership, innovation and collaboration with other professions, health care and educational organizations.  We pursue public protection and guide the profession. 

Nationally we participate in a National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies as a member to monitor, facilitate and enhance labour mobility within the profession.   

The College may not participate in setting professional fees or provide guidelines for professional fees for health services on behalf of some or all of its regulated members unless the minister grants the College an approval.  The College and Association, or council or committee of the College may not be a certified bargaining agent as defined in the Labour Relations Code.