Standards of Practice


The Standards of Practice are derived from the following obligations of a regulated health profession, to:

  1. Provide professional, safe and quality services to the public.
  2. Be accountable for their professional practice.
  3. Adhere to the Code of Ethics.
  4. Possess a specialist body of knowledge.
  5. Demonstrate competent application of professional knowledge.
  6. Abides by continuing competence requirements.
  7. Sexual Misconduct
  8. Glossary
1. Provide Professional, Safe and Quality Services to the Public
2. Is Accountable for Their Professional Practice
3. Adheres to the Code of Ethics
4. Possesses a Specialist Body of Knowledge
5. Demonstrates the Competent Application of Professional Knowledge
6. Abides by Continuing Competence Requirements
7. Regulated members and former regulated members MUST NOT sexually abuse or engage in sexual misconduct with a patient. A patient will be defined as a person who is receiving, is likely to receive, or has received any professional service directly from a regulated member or former member regardless of whether or not the professional service has been requested by the person, prescribed or ordered by any other party.